Website Design and Development

Since the existence of websites, the concept of website design and development has prevailed.

What is web design and development?

The process of creating a website is termed Web design and development. Web Design and Web Development are the constituents of creating a website. Web design determines the design and layout of a website. Whereas, web development determines the website’s functionality.

Elements of web design

Web designers are constantly solving their users’ problems. Websites should give users the flexibility of doing what they want to. They should also give them the flexibility of checking any part of the website. As a result of a dysfunctional website, a frustrated user is likely to bounce back from the website.
That’s the reason why each web design element makes the usability of the website easier. This makes people visit and interact with the website frequently.

Layout: The layout refers to the configuration of a website’s header, navigation menu, footer, content, and graphics. The layout is reliant on the website’s motive. It is not only reliant on the motive, but also on how the web designer wants the user to interact with the website.

Visual hierarchy: It should be easy for the user to access the information they need by looking at a website. As a result of this, visual hierarchy comes into the picture. Visual hierarchy determines the beautification of the website. It should align with the use of size, color, and spacing of the website.

Navigation: Navigation tools like site architecture, menus, and search bars help a user in navigating from one point to another. Users can get the information quickly and simply with the help of simple and effective navigation.

Color: Color adds a personality to the website. For instance, it gives users the direction to take action. A brand’s existing identity or the website’s content determines the brands’ existing identity.


Remember that a website is a window into your business, which represents your business and you. Make sure that your visitor can see what you have to offer. We dedicate ourselves to custom-designed websites that reflect your brand, values, and services.


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User experience design
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Search engine optimization

You have to know that your website works to add credibility and reliability to your brand and allows your business to grow. Reidis offer a full range of design and build services tailored to the costume your desire. We will give you control of your website and offer free training with each site we deliver.

Our websites are designed to be user-friendly, customizable, mobile responsive, and uniquely tailored to your business needs.

We start with a design brief, wireframe of what your site will look like, complete the build, optimize for mobile, incorporate your SEO strategy, and set your site live.

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  • Search engine optimization.

You have to know that your website works to add credibility and reliability to your brand in addition to allowing your business to grow. Reidis offers a full range of design and builds services that are tailored to the costume of your desire. We will give you control of your website and also offer free training with each website that we are delivering.

Our websites are designed to be user-friendly, customizable, mobile responsive, and uniquely tailored to your business needs. We start with a design brief, wireframe of what your site will look like, finish building the website, optimize for mobile, incorporate your SEO strategy, and set your site live.

We provide fully responsive, W3C validated, 100% hand-coded websites with high-end testing in all those devices that are compatible. We have continuous review sessions that are monitored by our creative experts to refine it with time. The design and development process serves fast, relevant, and enjoyable user experiences. One that will load quickly, respond instantly and let the viewer do and access everything that they want to.

Our results and outcomes amaze the client and become something that their customers embrace, engage with, and share. We make it user-friendly across multiple devices. Our track record from our past clients has highlighted conversions and user engagement. We assure similar results with your online brand presence. This results in having happier customers who enjoy their experience with your brand and always look and come back for more.

We specialize in responsive web design and development. We follow a powerful approach to building user-friendly websites, tailoring the display for current and future devices.

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The website is always 80% complete.

Yes, you can edit the website on your own. You can make updates to your website without any hassle. Updating the content such as changing the text or images on your website can be done on your own with the help of certain templates and website platforms such as WordPress, Wix,, etc.

It will take at least 24 days for your website to be published on Google.

Yes, we also offer this service, integrating WordPress + Woocommerce to your website which will allow you to manage and edit everything you need for your online store in a simple and intuitive way. But, we recommend you to invite our page for the development and launch of eCommerce.

If once we finish your design you want to get more visits and get more clients, we will be happy to help you since we are precisely specialists in this field, it is also something that we are passionate about. Today we have different services to help you achieve success on the internet. We will give you visibility at the moment with the Advertising campaigns on Google, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also count on us to apply SEO strategies (natural web positioning). Ask us if you have any questions and we will help you choose the actions that best suit your business.

Yes, we are taking care of the annual maintenance and technical support service that keeps the components updated to the latest version. We will perform a daily backup in a professional way, and we solve any technical failure that may arise. You can also rely on us to make the modifications you require while you are dedicating your time to another part of your business.

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1. Use native advertising Native advertising is the best tool for accelerating brand awareness and winning over new customers. Native ads assist you in reaching people who are already interested in your business. The allure of native ads is simple to determine. You can use a content discovery platform, like Taboola, to upscale brand awareness through native advertising. Taboola distributes your branded content — like articles and videos — across top publisher sites on the open web. 2. Run Advertising Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram Your client’s brand probably already contains a social media presence, but they need trouble growing their followings and engagement metrics. They have content advertising strategies to launch advertising campaigns on social media. By running brand-awareness ads, you will be able to reach new people who may well be fascinated by your client’s brand and even target audiences according to specific behaviors and preferences. Advertisements also help brands in circumnavigating pesky algorithms that may harm organic reach. On Facebook and Instagram, you will be able to launch brand-awareness campaigns that improve your reach and recall. Facebook recommends using video and carousel ads (which include a series of media) to focus on users who may well be inquisitive about your messaging. You will target audiences by categories like age, location, gender, interest, and device. You can even create lookalike audiences of individuals who are the same as your client’s existing audience, so you will be able to reach people who are most likely to convert. 3. Run Advertising Campaigns on Twitter On Twitter, you will be able to launch brand-awareness campaigns by promoting your tweets and paying for impressions rather than engagements. You set your bid amount per 1,000 impressions and Twitter optimizes your campaign for the most effective possible reach. 4. Partner with influencers to review your brand If you are having trouble connecting along with your audience, you will want to try reaching them through their favorite creators and influencers. Consumers trust recommendations from influencers over traditional advertisements or perhaps celebrity endorsements. Agents can undertake influencer-marketing campaigns by searching for influencers in relevant industries and reaching out with partnership ideas. You will be able to try this by simply searching relevant keywords on social channels and going through the posts for influencer content. You can also search the #sponsored hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to determine which influencers are already working with brands in your industry. You may even use influencer-marketing platforms like Upfluence and Traackr to undertake the legwork for you. Once you discover the proper influencers, you can gift them free products in exchange for reviews. 5. Partner with influencers to make content If you are unable to exchange free products or services in exchange for a review, then you can leverage influencers to make pieces of content. Influencers know the sort of content that resonates with their audience, and by working with them, they will create a chunk of content that not only looks great, but that may hit a chord with their loyal follower-base, making them responsive to your brand from a source that they trust.

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